MotD Patch






Unknown possible 3 years old

Patch is a young male Troodon (like Rascal) who is seen in March of the Dinosaurs. He is first seen where he encountered a young Edmontosaurus named Scar. He backs away and sees a primitive mammal and tries to get a snack. Patch wasn't able to get the mammal as it was in a burrow and tried to escape, but gets eaten by a bigger Troodon. Patch must find a way to find food and hunt or he'll go hungry. Patch once again tries to get another mammal and he can see things in slow motion, but he however wasn't able to get the mammal. Patch sees a pack of Troodons fighting the King of the Forest (a Gorgosaurus). This gives Patch a chance to feed on the dead Edmontosaurus carcass. One of the Troodons was killed and the rest backdown and Patch noticed the T-Rex of the North Pole staring at him so he backs away. In winter, Patch's head feathers turned yellow which means he's ready to mate. He however failed, but he will try again. Patch sees a Female Edmontonia laying upside down and a pack of Troodons tried to make a meal out of her. The noise woke up the Gorgosaurus. The Gorgosaurus tried to take the Edmontonia to his cave to eat her, but she managed to get back on her feet and breaks the theropod's leg. The Edmontonia and Troodons drive the King of the Forest. The "tables have turned" as Patch watches the dying Gorgosaurus going back to his cave. In the end of the film, the Gorgosaurus dies in his cave and Patch takes a piece of flesh to his mate and cuddles her.